Our Short-Term Ministry Philosophy

Prior to applying to serve with TLC, it will be helpful for you to understand our philosophy of short-term missions.  In this way, you can determine if our DNA, as we call it, matches what you are looking for in overseas service opportunities.   

When you serve with The Luke Commission, you are joining a ministry that has been working in Swaziland for years and intends to continue for years to come.  We are convinced that any real and lasting difference that is made will come from the Swazis themselves, serving and ministering effectively in their own country to their own people. Therefore, one of TLC’s main ministry goals is to train and empower our national staff to fulfill this mission: To deliver compassionate, comprehensive healthcare to the most isolated and under-served populations of southern Africa in collaboration with local communities, government, corporate and non-profit partners. Every component of our ministry is carefully thought out to ensure the furtherance of this goal, including short-term visitors.  

Those serving short-term with TLC must realize that unlike many other short-term experiences, they are partnering with a ministry that has developed long-term relationships. Our mission does not change when short-term teams join us.  Sometimes visitors feel they are not needed and do not really make a difference.  Please understand that because of our stated goals for ministry, it is impossible for us to give a large role to those with a short-term commitment.  What we do provide for those serving with us is the opportunity to learn, to be a humble servant of the Swazi people, to see what God is doing in Swaziland through The Luke Commission, and to catch a vision for your own future involvement in missions.

We simply ask that you submit to the larger goals of TLC, trust us with every aspect of your stay, be flexible, be teachable, and be humble.  If you agree to this short-term mission philosophy, we invite you to fill out an application for service.

Financial Disclaimer

Serving short-term with The Luke Commission requires a significant financial investment.  Participants are responsible for the entire cost of the trip including, but not limited to, plane tickets, daily per diem cost, and a project investment. 

The average cost for a 2 week trip is approximately $3,200-$3,700 (estimates based on airline costs of $2000).  If your trip is longer than 2 weeks this total will be higher.  While flight costs and project investment remain relatively the same for any length of trip, daily per diem is charged based on number of days in country.

Individual Applicants Disclaimer

TLC reserves limited space for individual applicants each year.  Individuals may be placed in a team of other individuals and have limited date options available.

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